Factory / Warehousing Face Shields


Stephens Plastic Mouldings is responding to the government’s requests for manufacturers to help tackle the growing demand for personal protective equipment. We are now producing plastic face shields – ideal for employees going back to work.

Quantity Discounts

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50+ £2.90 each 100+ £1.77 each 200+ £1.50 each 600+ £1.40 each 1000+ £1.35 each


Our face visors are designed to meet the requirements of most industries including factories and warehouses to provide a safer workplace.

Key advantages include:

  • Employees feel safe on their return work.
  • Full face protection.
  • CE marked.
  • Made from medical grade PET.
  • Fully certified to EN166 standards
  • Adjustable for universal sizing
  • Disposable
  • Suitable for use by manufacturers, hospitals, pharmacies, retailers, beauty industry and more.

Furthermore, our protective face shields also provide a barrier from exposure to certain hazards in the workplace too, which is especially important within the manufacturing industry. A face visor protects the eyes, nose, and mouth, which are particularly vulnerable to flying objects, sparks or dust.

Our face visors are designed for a secure, non-slip and fail-safe fit while the the optically clear, PET anti-fog screen ensures clarity is maintained during use for minimal impact to production and for maximised comfort to the wearer.