During the ongoing pandemic, personal protection has had to be invested in to protect us against viruses that we cannot see and that is unpredictable. COVID-19 has affected the world in a number of different ways, from causing millions of deaths worldwide to collapsing economies. With vaccination programmes well underway, it is vital that we do not become complacent in preventing the spread of the virus. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we take the right precautionary measures to protect ourselves and those around us. So what is the best? A face mask or face shield?

With many different arguments taking place over the types of protection the general public should be wearing, it’s highly likely you have yourself questioned whether a face mask or a face shield is a more appropriate face covering. Face coverings in public spaces are a mandatory measure the government has put in place for the UK, and the definition of face-covering can vary.

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Which is more effective?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), wearing a mask correctly and consistently can protect you from catching COVID-19 and from spreading the harmful particles around. However, alongside this, CDC also recommends wearing a face shield with a mask to add a further layer of protection. The face shield can enhance protection. It can also provide protection to parts of the face that the mask does not cover – particularly the eyes.

What makes a safe face mask?

A simple search for “face mask” will provide you with numerous options. So what determines a safe and effective face mask? Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Filtration efficiency – the higher the Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE) the safer the face mask. Generally speaking, face masks with at least a dual-layer filter insert in them will provide efficient filtration of particles.
  • Comfort – comfort is important as it will ensure you are not needing to adjust your mask and risk contracting or spreading the virus. Stretchy materials which cover your mouth and nose without creating gaps are ideal. The mask should feel comfortable on your skin without pressing hard onto your face. Tight fits over the nose are crucial for mask effectiveness. Masks with a nose clip or wire to bend are ideal. Additionally, adjustable ear loops can protect ears from getting sore after prolonged periods of mask-wearing.

What makes a good face shield?

If you are considering adding an extra layer of protection to your face covering with a plastic face shield, look no further than Stephens Plastics. Made with an anti-fog coating, our disposable face visors are CE marked and fully certified to EN166 standards. They provide wearers with some of the highest levels of protection. Here are some other aspects you should be looking for when buying face shields. Those of which were taken into consideration when designing our own plastic face shields for sale.

  • Comfort – face shields should be able to fit around the head with ease, and should offer a universal fit. For those working in hospitality our baseball cap face shields are perfect – simply clip them onto the cap for prolonged protection and comfort all day.
  • Full coverage – your face shield should be large enough to cover the entire face in order to give maximum protection.
  • Anti-fog coating – an extremely useful feature to ensure optimal visibility for the wearer. This is particularly useful when buying face shields for employees.

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