The government roadmap has now been laid out and national restrictions slowly easing. This is the perfect time to ensure your staff are equipped with all of the right PPE. Stephens Plastic is proud to support the demand for PPE by manufacturing plastic face visors throughout the ongoing pandemic. With a fast turnaround and competitive prices, Stephens Plastic has been able to support hairdressers and barbers, beauty salons, and tattoo parlours up and down the country with our PPE visors.

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Back To Work Safely

The hair and beauty sector is one of the next sectors opening after the national lockdown was put in place. With a proposed reopening date of the 12th of April, it is imperative that your staff have all the equipment needed to keep them and your customers safe. Such businesses are naturally hard to maintain social distancing. This is because employees need to work in close proximity to their clients for an extended period of time. The person who is providing the service should be wearing further protection in addition to the mask which they would usually wear in public places.

Government guidance on “Working Safely During Coronavirus” was updated on the 13th of August last year. It stated that practitioners providing these services should be wearing both a type II face mask and a clear visor. Although these guidelines were put in place last year, it’s likely that they’ll remain the same as the pandemic continues.

PPE Visors

The clear PPE visor needs to be able to cover the face. This will provide a barrier between the wearer and their client. The reasoning behind wearing a visor too is because the wearer’s face will be protected. This can be against respiratory droplets caused by clients who may sneeze, cough, or speak. The visor must fit the user properly and be worn in the correct manner. It should be covering the forehead, going past the chin, and fit around the side of the face. Previous advice was to wear a clear visor only, however, scientific studies have shown wearing both a visor and a face mask offers optimal protection.

Reusable PPE Visors at Stephens Plastic

Here at Stephens Plastic, our PPE visors are perfect for jobs within the beauty industry like hairdressers and can offer your staff the highest levels of protection against respiratory droplets that could be at risk of spreading COVID19. Not only this, our CE marked face visors are fully EN166 certified. They also offer safety, comfort, and unimpaired vision for the wearer at all times. Competitively priced and made from medical grade PET, getting PPE for the hair and beauty sector has never been easier or faster with Stephens Plastic.

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